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4-seat sofa Evos

Regular price €1,236.00 -20% Price €988.80
4-seat sofa Evos available in fabrics of various colours. Bold and modern design and very comfortable. The contrast of colour gives it a...

6300 Sofa

Regular price €711.00 -30%
Price from Price from €497.70
Price €497.70
Sofa with high comfort in the lumbar area, elevation of the legs and recess in the lumbar area. Ideal for a long break.

Abril Chaiselong

Regular price €1,560.00 -20% Price €1,248.00
Chaiselong Abril, available in fabrics in various colours. Sofa with several features: bed, reclining headboards, electric sliding seats, for...

Africa Pocket Mattress CM11264

Regular price €922.00 -50%
Price from Price from €461.00
Price €461.00
Structure: stretch fabric with an excellent touch and weight. Viscofoam layer. Fibercel layer. High-density reinforced polyether shock absorber...

America 2.0 Mattress CM11425

Regular price €776.00 -50%
Price from Price from €388.00
Price €388.00
The América mattress presents a set of features that, for sure, makes it the right choice for your rest and peaceful sleep. It combines in a...